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Here at To The Moon - 

Here at
To The Moon - 

What our clients say:

“I've worked with To The Moon Social through the launch of a new brand and was pleasantly surprised about how willing the team was to participate in the strategic planning sessions and grunt work that it takes to get a brand off the ground. In addition, TTMS comes to the table with new ideas that work within the ever-changing social rules to keep us relevant and wants to see us succeed as much as our own employees do.”

leila // HEAD OF MARKETING, mad tasty

"The first project we did with TTMS was a lifestyle photoshoot to build up our content bank. From the creative direction, photographer, props and talent, they nailed the aesthetic we were hoping for and provided great assets we were proud to use to promote LVE."


"RealEats has been working with TTMS for almost a year now. They joined us when we were an early stage business and have really helped scale our organic channels. They are hardworking and have continued to push boundaries and take on more work. They come up with new ideas to improve engagement and content. As a lean team, it has been awesome to have an agency who works as an extension of our internal team."


"A dream comes true! Corsicana Mattress Company started our social media partnership with To The Moon several months ago, and it has been a stellar experience! Tata and her team are creatively groundbreaking while keeping to our company mission and our story. They are diligent while never losing their enthusiasm for the products and message. Having a partner who strives for the best keeps us fully engaged to drive the needle to succeed. The extensive knowledge from the TTMS team, is visible in every facet of engagement. We are thrilled to see the traction and exposure Corsicana has gotten in a short time. Could not have wished to be working with any other team!"


"Kinderfarms has been working with To The Moon as our social media partner for almost a year now. Not only are they a pleasure to work with but they also do their best to make it simple and fun for entrepreneurs like me who don’t do this every day. Having creative resources easily at our disposal and a conscientious team that makes sure our needs are always being met mean the world to us! Big thanks to Tata and the entire team for your great work. You do a great job of translating our company mission and family-friendly story to the world!”


"Tata and team are outstanding to collaborate with on social media programs. They make the social media process for CEO's painless and easy, and go above and beyond when needed. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with them.”


“Tata is a key partner for our social media strategy (and execution) for our brands. She’s extremely well-versed and treats her clients as her own, and I highly recommend her services.”


Tata // Founder

Tata Tickaradze is a full-time entrepreneur, CEO, dirty martini aficionado, and digital media brand expert specializing in strategy, planning, execution, and engagement. With over a decade of marketing experience in CPG brands, hospitality, and fashion, Tata worked as a Media Director at a talent agency before she turned her extensive experience into an opportunity and founded To The Moon - and she hasn’t looked back since. 

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find Tata discussing the nuances of strategic digital presence for brands looking to expand their reach through digital media over a cup of Café au Lait. From planning to development to execution, she’s her client’s secret weapon when it comes to digital marketing. Her experience with creative content and delivery has been critical in the launch of major brands and services. 

Meet the rest 
of your conscientious dream team:

Social Media Manager

Tyler is a Los Angeles-based digital native with a background in utilizing social media platforms to drive traffic and engagement. Her focus has been on building community, collaborating with influencers, and increasing overall brand awareness. Tyler has many years of experience growing online communities for Fashion and Beauty brands such as Nordstrom and Le Mieux Cosmetics using everything from Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok to YouTube.

Accounts Manager

Molly Elizabeth is a Los Angeles based Creative Director and Producer with a passion for her clients! Molly got her start in the creative industry at age 15 when she was a designer on Project Runway Junior Season 2. After the series, Molly attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, with a major in Fashion Design. She has worked as an Account Manager and Creative Director for 4+ years for high profile clients. Molly is excited to take her Marketing Skills to TTM and assist clients with their creative visions and implement strategies that help them exceed their goals.

Content Creator

Dalton is an LA based filmmaker and photographer who has strong experience in the music industry, fashion industry, and commercial space. As a former collegiate athlete, he knows the hard work and dedication required to take those around him to the next level, regardless of the vertical. Dalton has taken his talents around the world, creating content for names like Justin Bieber, Universal Music Group, Saks fifth Ave, Apple, Usher, and many more.

now that you know us

We wanna know you!

1. Your favorite IG Reels content to watch?

a. Behind the scenes look
b. Art & crafts
c. Fashion/Makeup tutorials
d. Recipes
e. Challenges
F. Travel
g. DIYs

2. What do you do on your days off?

a. Plan out the workweek.
b. Binge the latest Netflix series
c. Log off the computer and head outdoors
d. Catch up with family & friends

3. What is the most valuable feature on Facebook for businesses?

a. Networking Groups
b. Business Pages
c. Going LIVE
d. Facebook Ads
e. Messenger

4. Your Next Splurge:

a. Peloton Bike+
b. Malouf pillow (lavender oil-infused, please)
c. The latest Micheal Kors tote
d. iRobot Roomba i7+
e. An Elisa barber Artwork for my living room

5. How do you unwind from a busy day at the “office”?

a. Make a healthy, nutritious meal
b. Gratitude journaling
c. Turn on a Yoga with Adriene
d. Take a long walk on the beach
e. Meditate
f. Cuddles with my fur baby

6. What social platform do you love most?

a. Facebook
b. Instagram
c. TikTok
d. All of the above

7. How do you spark a conversation on social?

a. Ask questions
b. Post and wait for replies/ likes
c. Engage with other accounts
d. Other

8. Which digital media do you find yourself using every day?

a. Video
b. Social Media
c. Photos
d. Audio (Podcasts, music, etc.)
e. Digital Art

9. How do you consume TikTok?

a. Binge with sound ON/OFF
b. Binge with sound OFF 
c. Watch 2-5 of my friends latest TikToks, then move on
d. Search specific topics 
e. I’m too busy making TikToks to consume other people’s content

10 .What is your favorite part of Social Media?

a. Copywriting
b. Visual Design/Images
c. Public speaking (Videos/ live)
d. Engagement
e. Analytics
f. Other

11. How do your clients feel when working with you?

a. Confident
b. Impressed
c. Thrilled
d. Relaxed
e. Taken care of
f. All of the above

At the end of the day…

We’ll make sure your brand is strategically emulated online through cutting-edge imagery, engaging visuals, relatable messaging, valuable partnerships, VIP management and so much more.

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