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Micro-influencer marketing. It’s a fast-growing wave and brands everywhere are riding it. Especially on Instagram. The question now is — should you grab your board and catch the surf?

Why Brands Are Using Micro-Influencers On Instagram (and You Should Too!)

Here’s what we know: If you’re a business in the United States, your customers are on Facebook. (Same is true of most countries, but I’ll spare you the super-size list.) Don’t believe me? Check out these amazing stats about Facebook usage and business adoption.

Do Facebook Ads work for Small Business? We investigate.

Like many companies, you’re trying to grow your business using brand ambassadors on Instagram. You’ve heard what an effective strategy it can be. Word-of-mouth marketing has always been one of the best ways to attract new customers, but Instagram has given enterprising voices some incredible speaking power. 

How to Find Brand Ambassadors on Instagram + Examples of Successful Campaigns

Have you ever been swiping through the latest collection from your favorite fashion brand, adding items to your wish list or cart that you hope to buy on your next payday, and then later that week, when you’re on Facebook, see an ad for that exact same piece you had your eye on?

Getting Smart with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads and Retargeting

Ever stumbled upon a new Instagram, loved it instantly, and ended up surfing through their pics for, like, 15 minutes?  You might not have noticed at the time, but chances are that Instagram that made you stop and scroll (like really all the best IGs these days) followed a cohesive, beautiful Instagram theme.

16 Irresistible Instagram Themes You’ll Want to Copy Right This Second [Ideas Inside]

What’s more important than understanding the Instagram’s algorithm, is understanding its goals and how the order of posts you see fit into those is the best IG “hack.”  When you can do that, you can see the matrix.

Our Stupid Simple Guide to the Instagram Algorithm